Cactus RF60 Wireless Flash, Transceivers, and Laser Trigger


The latest arrivals from Cactus include the RF60 Wireless Flash, a variety of transceiver options for wireless flash or camera triggering, and a laser trigger for advanced shooting techniques. The RF60 is an all-manual flash unit featuring a 2.4GHz radio transceiver with a 328' range and a guide number of 183' at ISO 100 and 105mm. It is fully compatible with the Cactus V6 system as either a slave or master and can have its settings changed remotely. The RF60 also has strobe and high-speed-sync sympathy modes available.

Available in multiple options to suit your needs are Cactus’s transceivers, with ranges of about 328'. The new V6 version is available for remote power control and advanced TTL pass-through connections. It will even control a variety of models from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and more with a multitude of customizable options. The V5 models are available in Single or Duo packs, and have a simplified and intuitive design that allows for basic firing and triggering of flashes and cameras.

Finally, the LV5 Laser Trigger fits into the system with an embedded V5 radio module with 16 channels, as well as a standard 3.5mm port. It can trigger a flash or camera upon changes in the beam’s signal, meaning it will fire when the transmission is blocked or when an object is removed from the path. The device also supports sync speeds up to 1/1000 second and offers multiple delay and freeze settings.


Will this system work on my Sony A7, A7r & A6000?

No unfortunately, it is not compatible with any Sony cameras.