CES 2014: The Nikon D4S


Nikon D4S DSLR

Nikon has announced the impending arrival of their next flagship DSLR: the D4S. Succeeding the current D4, this new FX-format professional-grade camera will feature "enhanced image quality with the adoption of a new image-processing engine" as well as "more advanced autofocusing performance."

Editor's Note: this post was written by Bjorn Petersen

While the details are decidedly vague at the moment, it is without a doubt that this camera is aimed squarely at the professional sports, nature, and reportage photographers as a follow-up to the already impressive features offered by the D4.

While unconfirmed for the given time, it should be noted that this announcement is being made just prior to the 2014 Winter Olympics, held from February 7-23, in Sochi, Russia, where it is possible the D4S will receive its first real-world use. The veritable global sports event presents an ideal opportunity to showcase the way the D4S performs, in light of a competitive professional DSLR market.

The camera is currently being displayed at CES 2014, with further details and an official announcement to come at a later date.

Image source: the official Nikon Facebook page