CES 2015: New Tiffen XLE Series APEX, ADVANTIX, and AXENT Filters


Tiffen’s latest XLE Series filters are aimed at advanced photographers using full-frame, APS-C, and Micro Four Thirds-format interchangeable-lens cameras who need to shoot long exposures but don’t want to compromise color reproduction or want to achieve specific special effects. Perhaps the most technically interesting is the new APEX filter that’s designed for long exposures, which allows you to blur any movement in the scene. It’s equipped with a standard near-infrared blocker, plus a Tiffen Hot Mirror to eliminate all IR pollution (a common problem with long-exposure photography). This combination lets you achieve uncompromised color reproduction. If a heightened red response is required, you can manually reset your camera’s white balance or adjust the image output in post production.

The new Tiffen XLE Series ADVANTIX filter is designed for DSLR photography in black-and-white or color when used in combination with lenses approved for IR photography. It’s designed for capturing long-exposure images in manual mode, and varying the intensity of the effect by adjusting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. The ADVANTIX filter removes polluting IR wavelengths by introducing an active absorbing element that adds a slight greenish cast to the image, but this can be easily removed by adjusting the camera’s white balance, or in post production.

The new Tiffen XLE Series AXENT filter is designed for full-frame DSLR cameras when used primarily in B&W mode and can also be used on Fuji’s X-Trans APS-C sensor cameras. It provides no IR absorption, but it can be used to achieve highly stylized IR color effects when used with lenses designed for IR photography, and is designed for taking long-exposure photographs in manual exposure mode. When your DSLR is set for color capture, the AXENT filter will allow some IR wavelengths through, but the visual effect will vary depending on the lighting conditions, and will gently or radically affect the color of the capture image. The effect may require fine-tuning using the color balance setting or in post production. Extreme color shifts that look similar to IR color photography can also be achieved by using this filter on Fuji Trans APS-C-sensor cameras.