CES 2017: the Updated IRIS Portable Scanning Lineup


Scanning has long been the duty of bulky machines in offices or homes, but IRIS wants to make things easier and smaller for those who constantly find themselves traveling or on the move. This year at CES, the company has announced the super-portable IRIScan Book 5, Book 5 Wifi, Anywhere 5, and Anywhere 5 Wifi that will help you digitize your documents in any number of locations, as well as the IRISNotes 3 and IRISNotes Air 3, which are pens that can automatically transmit your handwritten notes to a computer and convert them into editable text.

The most conventional option of the bunch has to be the battery-powered Anywhere 5, which features a single-page ADF, able to handle most standard documents up to A4 or letter size. It works quickly with a 12 ppm scan speed at 300 or 600 dpi or 8 ppm at 1200 dpi for the highest quality. For ease of use, the Anywhere will save JPEGs or PDFs either directly to a computer over USB or to a microSD/SDHC card for transfer later on. Being battery powered, it can be used completely wirelessly and can produce about 100 scans on a single charge. It is available in Red, White, or Turquoise, and comes with Readiris OCR, Cardiris, and IRISCompressor Pro software. For those looking for an even more portable configuration, the Anywhere 5 Wifi adds wireless connectivity to the mix for transferring files to an iOS or Android device or a Mac or Windows computer.

IRIScan Book 5 Portable Scanner (Turquoise)

Along very similar lines to the Anywhere is the more specialized Book 5, with a roll-over scanning method. Forgoing an ADF, this roll-over operation makes it easier to scan pages of a book or magazine, as well as oddly-shaped originals. The scanner shares the same basic specifications as the Anywhere, including a built-in rechargeable battery, but the roll-over method requires at least 2 seconds for a full-color A4-sized document. A unique feature of the Book 5 is real-time image transfer when directly connected to a computer. This scanner is also available in Red, White, or Turquoise, and comes with Readiris OCR and IRISCompressor Pro software. A wireless version is available with the Book 5 Wifi, which features real time Wi-Fi image transfer to iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

IRISNotes 3

IRISNotes Air 3

Finally, the most interesting product in the bunch is the IRISNotes 3, a standard ink-based pen that will convert your handwritten notes into editable text to send to your computer. It does not require a computer, making it easy for people always on the move, and it works on standard paper with a standard ink refill. It features a learning module to help improve writing recognition and works with up to 30 languages. Also, it can hold up to 100 A4 or letter-sized documents and using a built-in rechargeable battery. It connects to a Windows-based computer via a USB dongle. An alternative option to this is the IRISNotes Air 3, which adds Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy connectivity for a wireless connection to Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android and iOS devices.