CES 2019: Kodak Wants you to SMILE with Instant Print Offerings


Kodak, as a brand, is doubling down on nostalgia, this time launching the SMILE line to bring back a form of instant photography, as well as some throwback camera designs. The SMILE Classic Instant Print Camera features a design that matches something you might find in your parents' or grandparents' attic. It has been modernized—it features a 10MP digital image sensor to capture photos. Other imaging functions include a flash, a pop-up viewfinder, a 10-second timer, and a microSD card slot to save your photos for later. The real trick is ZINK Instant Print Technology that will pop out your photos on 3.5 x 4.25" paper, without hesitation. Another bonus is Bluetooth connectivity, so you can make ZINK prints out of any photo you have on your smartphone.

KODAK SMILE Instant Print Digital Camera
KODAK SMILE Classic Instant Print Digital Camera

A more modern design, the Kodak SMILE Instant Print Digital Camera, offers many of the same features. Where it differs is in its physical shape. This is a slim, pocketable model with an LCD on the back for composing and reviewing images, as well as for adding some filters and effects. The main difference with this 10MP model is that the ZINK paper sets are a more compact 2 x 3", making it easier to bring along every day. The last addition to the SMILE line is the SMILE Instant Printer. No camera in this one, just Bluetooth connectivity so you can use the Kodak mobile app to produce 2 x 3" ZINK prints.

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