Cover the Options with Lupo LED Lights


Offering efficient lighting solutions for a variety of applications, Lupo’s LED lineup spans an array of options from standard 1 x 1 panels to Fresnel lights to suit various needs.

In terms of panels, the Lupoled series covers an assortment of options, ranging from the most powerful, 700W-equivalent 1120 Bi-Color model, which offers 3200-5600K color tuning, 0-100% dimming control, and has DMX support for remote adjustments, as well as an onboard control panel. Lupoled 560 panels are also available, with their lower LED count, with or without DMX and in bi-color, daylight, or tungsten variations. Lupoled 350 panels are available, too, with a simpler design, and in daylight or tungsten options.

Lupo Lupoled 1120 Bi-Color LED Panel with DMX

For a bit more lighting output, while still retaining the portable panel form factor, the Lupo Superpanel series outputs the equivalent of a 2000W tungsten fixture while drawing just 110W. The sleek 1 x 1 panels are again available with or without DMX, and in bi-color, daylight, and tungsten designs.

Lupo Superpanel Daylight LED Panel with DMX

For a more controllable light with a harsher quality, Lupo also makes several LED Fresnels: the Dayled series. Available in 650, 1000, and 2000W equivalent outputs, and daylight, tungsten, and bi-color options, these lights offer a controllable 15-55° beam, or 18-50° with the bi-color models, for spot to flood adjustment. They can be powered using AC power or via an optional battery pack for location-lighting needs. Each light also offers 0-100% dimming and comes with a mounting yoke and a rotating four-way barndoor set.