CP+ 2015: Handling the New Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera—For Japan Only


While the EOS M1 mirrorless camera from Canon was released briefly in the US, its predecessor, the M2, was released only in Japan, and that looks like the case again for the new M3. I have the M1, and it makes an excellent backup for an APS-C DSLR like the 7D, especially with the EF lens adapter that allows it to use any Canon EOS lens. The M3 would be the same. Improvements include a much-needed front grip, which has been added, where the M1 and M2 had just a small patch of rubber. Also, a thumb pad on the back improves handling, and an exposure compensation dial and a mode dial have been added. Canon also changed the neck strap loops from studs to traditional strap loops.

One thing that was reassuring about the EOS M1 was its solid feel and build: it was a heavy camera for its size and felt like someone had cleaved off the back of a metal professional DSLR body into a tight compact mirrorless. The M3, with its multi-angle articulated display, feels somewhat less substantial and durable. And with the addition of Wi-Fi and NFC and more buttons and dials, it seems Canon has really overhauled the original interface approach, but the market at which the company was aiming the M series cameras might have changed, and for now, the M3 is for sale only in Japan. If you do want to fly over and get yourself one, it does have English as an alternative language choice.

Follow all of the exclusive coverage from B&H of the CP+2015 Show in Japan at this link.


Where can I get this camera in New York???????

At this time the Canon M3 is only being sold in Japan.  I don’t know if any store is (or is able to) import the camera as a grey market item for sale in NYC.

It's a Shame, that BH wouldn't import it as a gray market camera to USA .

WOW!  Thank you!

I didn't know that there is a new canon mirorless camera to be announce. what a good news!

can we get any specs ?