CP+ 2015: How Healthy is Your Camera? A Visit to the DxO Booth


If you are a researcher of digital cameras’ sensor quality and specs, then you must be familiar with the website DxOmark.com, as well as the same company’s photo software. What you may not be familiar with is the equipment the company distributes to test and service cameras and lenses.

At the CP Plus Expo, DxO had equipment on display to test everything from your camera's color rendition under different color temperature lights to a cascading wall of lights that timed your camera’s shutter. Backlit resolution charts and a lens collimator for testing and calibrating lenses were on display, as well.


Some of the devices are as easy to use as shooting an image and looking up the results in a simple table; others require much more setup, like the table that shakes the camera to test the effectiveness of image stabilization modes. It’s a bit like taking your camera to Disneyland and wanting to ride every ride, or perhaps a more accurate metaphor would be taking your camera to the doctor’s office for a full battery of tests. According to one test, my Canon 7D’s shutter might be off by 16 milliseconds; I hope that’s still within the “healthy range” for shutter times.


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