CP+ 2015: Ricoh Announces the WG-5 GPS Digital Camera


Looking very similar to its predecessor, the WG-4 GPS, the WG-5 GPS now comes in two new colors: Gunmetal and Orange.  The WG-5 GPS features a 16MP 1/2.3" Backlit CMOS sensor that captures high-resolution images with accurate colors and a rich tonal range. The sensor also enables a fast 9-point contrast-detect autofocus system and low-light sensitivity with ISO up to 6400. The imaging engine brings with it fast response times, including fast shutter lag time and a burst mode continuous shooting rate of up to 14 fps.

The WG-5 is waterproof to a depth of 45', shockproof from falls of up to 6.5', crushproof to 220 lbf, and resistant to temperatures as low as 14°F. It is also designed to be dustproof, which enables fearless trips to the desert or the abandoned old warehouse.

The lens on the WG-5 is a 4x optical zoom lens with the 35mm equivalent focal length of 25-100mm, providing wide-angle inclusiveness and telephoto reach. Furthermore, its maximum aperture at the wide-angle end is f/2, which makes it effective in low light and allows fine control of depth of field for beautiful portraits and still life. A triple shake-reduction system combines an image-sensor-shift mechanism with digital Pixel Track and high ISO SR modes to reduce the effects of camera shake and create images with minimal blur, even images shot while moving and in low light. Six LED Macro Lights encircle the lens, providing brighter and balanced lighting when shooting detailed close-ups in Macro Mode.

The Shutter Priority mode helps freeze fast-moving action or to add a creative blur of speed or playful light trails to your shot. Also, the User mode brings the total number of shooting modes on the WG-5 to 29, some of which provide automatic camera control over difficult shots, while others allow for creative imaging such as time-lapse movies and digital microscope perspective. Two distinct underwater shooting modes are also supported, and Full HD 1080p video is featured at 30 fps, along with HD 720p video with 60 fps or slow-motion 120 fps options.


Will this model have the photo-stitch panoramic mode? I heard the last one did not. I loved that feature in the WG-3.
Thank you

I've searched through as much information on the camera as is currently published by Ricoh at this point, and there is no mention of the feature.  Once the instruction manual is posted online we can then download that and regard it to say if the feature is included.

Thanking about getting this camera. Is it a nice one?

Hi Mike -

More than nice, Mike.  This is one tough, compact, and versatile camera. Take it with you always and you'll never miss a shot in any kind of weather or locale!