CP+ 2015: Searching for the Nikon D810A, Viewing the Technical Displays


The Nikon D810A DSLR had been like a mythical beast at CP Plus 2015, spoken of but rarely, if ever, seen. Eventually I tracked it down and when I did, the only available model was encased in glass and would not be leaving that case. Mythical no more, but also trapped forever.

Unfortunately, despite the friendliness of the Nikon folks, no one had any real information to relate about this camera, which is, of course, Nikon’s new modified D810 specialized for astrophotography. There was a short video with spectacular images of the night sky, but it was all in Japanese. I encourage you to read this announcement and check back for more information soon.  

While waiting to meet an equally mythical English-speaking expert on the D810A (who never appeared) I took some time to look at the Nikon “technology” cases, specifically those that pertained to the D750 and D5500 and new AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR. As the photos demonstrate, they cut up some perfectly good cameras to show the new internal design of the D750, enabling the smaller body and better grip.

Also, the D5500 is compared to the D5300 in terms of the placement of its circuit board and sensor. The process for creating the 300mm f/4 was also laid out, from raw material to final product, and I dirtied up some lens glass in a demonstration of the smudge and grime resistance of the fluorine coating on select Nikon lenses.

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