CP+ 2015: What I Discovered Inside the Photo Clam Booth


While the thing that drew me to the Photo Clam booth was the new Orion Tilt II Gimbal Head, the follow-up to the Orion Tilt Gimbal Head, what kept me there was their pitch on the PTC line of carbon fiber tripods—the only ones I saw at CP Plus that involved gymnastics. The Orion Gimbal head uses Japanese-made ball bearings for smooth action and secure holding of large lenses. It anodizes its internal pieces, as well, to prevent rust from destroying them from the inside out.

Photo Clam is a Korean company, and many of its reps made the trip to Yokohama, but none gave a show like Yeonsu Jeong, hanging from the PTC-2650M XL model of the Meister line of carbon fiber tripods. The supports are strong, displaying almost no bend or vibration, even at the narrower leg sections. The twist-style leg locks were easy to adjust and held firm, and their anti-twist sleeves were one complete piece, as opposed to most manufacturer’s two-piece plastic sleeves. In a comparative demonstration with an equally sized Gitzo tripod, the Photo Clam model showed that it is its equal in every way. 

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