Create Beautiful Lighting with the SpinLight 360 PORTRAIT System


Flatter your subjects and create beautiful lighting with the SpinLight 360 PORTRAIT Modular System for most shoe-mounted flashes. Based on an exceptionally versatile Ring Module, the SpinLight 360 system is able to use a wide range of different modifiers to take complete control of your lighting. This module fits easily onto the flash’s head and can rotate a full 360° so photographers can change the direction of the light quickly to create a three-dimensional image. This PORTRAIT System helps out by bundling together a multitude of accessories, including white and clear domes, black and white grids, an assortment of bounce cards, and a selection of CTO gels to add a warming effect to your imagery.

At the core of the flash attachment system is an almost universal-fit ring module that features a strap with hook-and-loop fasteners to stay securely attached. This module also accepts a variety of gels, such as the clear, half CTO, and full CTO options included, which help to diffuse or warm up the flash’s output. For users looking to achieve a wider or softer spread, the PORTRAIT kit bundles-in clear and white full domes. At the other end of the spectrum, white and black grids can be used to help narrow the light spread, with the white providing much softer feathering on the edges of the beam. Finally, there is a collection of 4 and 6" bounce cards, with each size available in black and white. These fit easily into the module and can be rotated quickly to control light placement expertly in your scene. As a bonus, all of these products are made in the USA, for the utmost in quality control.