Do More with the CamRanger Mini Wireless Camera Controller


Do more with less by picking up the CamRanger Mini, an update to the popular wireless controller for select cameras. This release costs less, is smaller, and offers plenty of distinct improvements compared to its predecessor. You can see quickly that it is about half the size, offers a much longer range of 400', and even transmits at a slightly faster speed. Also, redesigned apps bring iOS and Android closer to feature parity and provide more advanced functionality.

The Mini is designed to be used with your smartphone for ease of use. It will provide wireless control over numerous camera settings with compatible Canon and Nikon DSLRs, and let you snap and transfer photos to your phone. Other advantages are programmable functions for HDR/Advanced Brackets, more automated focus stacking processes, timers, focus control, and more. You can even pinch to zoom on still images, view cached images even when not connected, make use of a 200% live view and electronic level, and see audio levels during movie recording.

There are some other changes with this model that keep it separate from the standard CamRanger. This includes no bridging into an existing Wi-Fi network, an integrated rechargeable battery with 3-4 hours of life, no in-app sharing to social networks, no CamRanger Share support, basic movements and panorama for the PT Hub and MP-360, no StackShot support, no client mode, and no Mac and Windows support.

The CamRanger Mini is currently a B&H Exclusive, so make sure to stop by the website to get your hands on it. Is this a worthy addition to the CamRanger line? Let us know if you plan to purchase one, in the Comments section, below!



How does it connect to the camera ? 

Can it support the upcoming Z7 ?


Very exciting to see something new finally from CamRanger! A bit confused at the target audience. I use a CamRanger almost exclusively with an iPad Pro to tether wirelessly on shoots. Above it states that the mini is designed for use with a smart phone. Does this mean the existing CamRanger will still be best for this type of use case? If so, will the updated software be available for existing CamRanger's? 

Hey, does the mini have to go in the hotshoe?  there are no images of a mini attached to a camera / the Nikon chord for sale does not list the D5 as a compatible camera?  How does it connect to a D5 or D4s?  Thank you in advance.

It does not have a way to attach. I'm just letting mine dangle from the cord right now, but might add Velcro or something later. 

Internal we can't change a battery when it dies -- the entire unit is out of commission until it can be charged..? This sounds problematic for an event > 3-4 hours. 

Hi William,

You will be able to charge it when it is in use via the micro-USB port. So you could use a portable USB power pack to keep it powered up.

This sounds fantastic but specifically....can this be used to take pictures with a camera and have the Camranger send images to a computer like the old one?

Hi Tim,

The Mini states that there is no Mac or Windows support, so it seems like you will have to rely on the older model to get that function.

You can save images to the phone or tablet (Apple or Android), but I mainly just use to show my clients during the session. No sharing to a Mac or PC though.