Dynalite Baja B4 Battery-Powered Monolight for Handy Location Lighting


Meant for location shooting, this new flash head is powered by a removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 550 full-power flashes on a five-hour charge. The battery can be refreshed separately in the included charger, or in the head, while shooting on 100-240 VAC current. An LED modeling lamp is intelligently employed to avoid taxing the battery. 

With output adjustable in 1/10-stop increments across a six-stop power range, the high-performance head recycles to full power in 3.7 seconds—and fractions of a second at minimum power. Ideal for sports and action shooting, flash durations are adjustable in T-Mode to achieve repeatable, consistent flash durations from 1/12,800 to 1/500 of a second to freeze action or capture multiple or sequential movements by the subject. Since the Baja is power-cordless, Dynalite avoids tethering you to a sync cord by including a radio receiver that is triggered by an optional 16-channel/6 group transmitter that fires the head at distances of up to 590 feet and also permits power output control, as well as channel and group changes. The Baja ships with a receiver, battery, charger, and umbrella reflector.

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My Dynalite 1000 are 30 years old and I have never had a problem. 

I like where Godox 600 is going. Dynalite should look at the way battery operated tools have gone with the snap on high voltage batteries and the polymer tough construction had gone. The on camera controller sure is a lot less expensive on the Dynalite Transmitter. Will it work with my Sony a7rII?

There is a lot of room for inovation on this unit like voice commands.