Exciting New Kits from LensBaby: Composer, Macro, Special Edition Spark


Give your photos a unique look with these three new creative options from Lensbaby. The Composer Pro System Kit is a versatile selective focus kit that includes the Composer Pro, a Sweet 35 Optic, a Sweet 50, an Edge 80 Optic, and 8mm and 16mm Macro Converters. The Composer Pro and Sweet Optics allow you to pick your focal point and create a blurred effect around the sweet spot of focus, while the Edge 80 creates a crisp slice of focus. The macro converters can be used separately or stacked together, depending on your desired shooting distance.

A more stripped-down version of the Composer Pro System Kit is the Macro pack, which includes a Composer Pro with a Sweet 50 Optic, a Soft Focus Optic, and the Macro Converters. The Soft Focus Optic allows you to choose the degree of softness by changing aperture discs. Both kits also include a 14 x 14" lens cleaning cloth, a carrying case, and are available for Nikon F and Canon EF mounts.

The new Special Edition Spark 50mm f/2 Selective Focus lens produces images with a sweet spot of focus surrounded by blur, and has a much faster aperture than the f/5.6 of the Spark. It includes nine creative and three regular aperture discs.