Fujifilm Exposes Their Latest X-Series Camera


Fujifilm Exposes Their Latest X-Series Camera

Fujifilm published an image of their latest X-Series camera, but at this time the only official information about the new body is its announcement date (Tuesday, January 28, 2014), and the image itself. While that's not much to go on, the photo tells much of the story of this new shooter. Clearly present are a dedicated ISO dial, and a pronounced hump—which strongly suggests the inclusion of a viewfinder.

Also apparent in the image is the retro styling that Fujifilm has championed, and a variety of other controls, such as an exposure-compensation dial, a shutter-speed dial, a Wi-Fi button, a dedicated movie record button, a shutter button that's encircled by the power switch, and several other dials and switches.

The presence of a dedicated ISO dial, which is not found on the current flagship of the X-Series, the X-Pro1, suggests that this new model will be the most full-featured camera of the line. Similarly, the exposure-compensation dial on the X-Pro1 offers a range of +/-2 EV, while the dial on this new model covers +/-3 EV.

Other important details concerning this new model, such as if it has weather sealing or not, remain unknown at this time. Regardless, this is exciting news for camera enthusiasts, especially considering how often the ISO needs to be adjusted on the fly in digital photography.

UPDATE: The Fujifilm X-T1 was officially annouced

Source fujifilm-x.com