Get Quality LED Lighting in the Studio or on Location with Bescor AL-576 Kits


Start your LED lighting adventures right with a complete AL-576 Kit from Bescor, which features two daylight-balanced panels along with a variety of accessories. These fixtures use 576 LEDs to achieve a light output of 745 lux at 6.5', similar to that of a classic 500W halogen bulb but with just a fraction of the power draw. With a CRI of 90, users will be able to get excellent color, as well as power from these lights. Output can be tuned to your needs using controls on the back, which allow for dimming down to just 10%. The aluminum construction is very capable, and the units measure just 9 x 9 x 1". Each also has a 2.5mm DC input jack and comes on a U-bracket for easy tilt adjustment during use.

A Studio Kit comes with two lights, two sets of barndoors, two AC adapters, and two light stands, as well as a set of magnetic CTO and frosted filters for enhanced control over the fixtures, and a bag in which to store it all. The Battery Kit expands on the Studio Kit by adding a pair of 98Wh External Li-Ion Battery Packs for on-location lighting.

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