GigaPan Adds Video Panning and Motion Time-Lapse with EPIC Pro V


Refining and updating its popular robotic camera mount, GigaPan has released the new EPIC Pro V, which adds continuous-motion settings to the familiar feature set that previously revolved around solely producing stitched panoramas and “gigapixel” composite imagery. Video panning and motion time-lapse modes now allow for the creation of more dynamic, multimedia productions for recording moving subjects. In all shooting modes, the mount affords a 360° horizontal panning range and a 180° vertical panning (tilt) range and, in motion modes, these two axes can be used simultaneously to produce diagonal movements.

When working with the video pan mode, you simply configure the range of the movements needed during the shot, along with the speed and duration of the movements, and start recording manually from the camera itself. The range of movements can be previewed prior to shooting, too. Similarly, in the motion time-lapse mode, you set the beginning and end points of the shot, along with the total duration of the time lapse and the number of shots to be recorded throughout. When recording time-lapses, the camera must be connected to the GigaPan via a remote shutter release cable for triggering.

Aside from these new modes, the EPIC Pro V retains the same stills feature set as the EPIC Pro, including recording up to 20 frames at each shooting position for bracketing or HDR purposes and the ability to adjust parallax settings for various lenses, time between exposures, aspect ratios, and the amount in which individual frames overlap with others. The EPIC Pro V supports camera and lens combinations weighing up to 10 lb total, it features both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 tripod mounts, uses the same replaceable rechargeable lithium-ion battery as the EPIC Pro, and includes a copy of GigaPan Stitch software for compositing individual frames into seamless gigapixel photographs.


Not much help to those living outside of the US!!!!

For Epic Pro's purchased outside of the U.S. up to 1 year prior to the introduction of the Epic Pro V, they will do the upgrade for no charge but you must still pay the and from.

As an Epic Pro owner I have been in direct communication with the folks at OmegaBrands this past months. OmegaBrands purchased the manufacturing rights from the original Gigapan about a year ago. For a fee, you can get your current Epic Pro upgraded to the new firmware. As I understand it, the Pro V is the new version of original Pro simply with the upgraded firmware. I have made arrangements to send mine in next week to have the new firmware installed. Unfortunately, it has to be done in their repair facility.

That is very interesting. Last year at Photo+ in NYC, I casually mentioned to their rep that I was looking for a panoramic head that could be used dual purpose for video panning also. I was going to do it myself, but the rep told me that they were already working on it and that it would be available as a firmware upgrade. Of course, he didn't mention there would be an extra charge for it! I assumed it could be performed by the end user (since most hardware is doing that nowadays). I am curious where their repair facility is (assuming they only have 1) and the total fee they have charged you?

The fee is $50 plus shipping.  They are located in Maryland. 

How did you get a response out of them?  I've tried repeatedly over the past 6 months and can't get a response.  Did you have to call in or email?

Is this strictly a new device or a firmware upgrade?

The GigaPan EPIC Pro V is a new device.

Good to see GigaPan releasing new products. I think sometime in 2013 they were in trouble finanacially.