Go Covert with the Narrative Clip Wearable Digital Camera


For entering the spy game, having fun with your friends, or for serious security applications and personal protection, the Clip Wearable Camera discreetly shoots a 5MP photo every 30 seconds. With no buttons and a tiny lens with a 70° field of view and 19.7" minimum focusing distance, the Clip Camera can shoot and store up to 6,000 images on its 8GB internal memory, while its micro-USB port enables easy downloading.


A simple double-tap on the 1.4"-square device checks battery and memory status as it takes an additional photo. Its battery charge will last for 24-30 hours of constant use, or about two days of normal shooting. When the battery is charged, the camera is always “on” but to put it into sleep mode, users can simply place the clip face-down on a flat surface or keep it in total darkness. Its tiny build and sturdy metal clip keep it attached and unnoticed, whether that be on your person or in a strategic location.


To help pinpoint your exact location, direction and orientation, the camera houses an accelerometer, a magnetometer, and GPS; the information garnered from these is stored in the JPEG photo’s EXIF data. Dedicated software organizes the large volume of images created and a smartphone app for iOS or Android is available for image review. Additionally, included with the clip is a three-month cloud service subscription for storing and

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This is perfect for me during my annual visit to a Renaissance Faire. I need something that would last for the entire 10-hour day and automatically photograph and log every venue that I stopped at. I hope that it will be available next summer and even a little more affordable to me.