Hasselblad H4D-40 Kits and 30% off on "Hassy" Lenses


In a relatively short time, Hasselblad H-series cameras have garnered the respect of a growing stable of pro shooters, discriminating photo buffs, well-heeled attorneys and orthodontists alike. Along with the latest in imaging technologies and some of the sharpest, smoothest-operating lenses on the market, the Hasselblad H4D-40 delivers the goods in a package that's relatively light (5.04 lb / 2290 g including lens, prism finder, and battery) feels well balanced in the hand, and is as fluid to use as any 35mm-based DSLR, professional or otherwise.



The "40" in the camera's name represents the number of pixels times a million, which should more than address the most stringent demands of your clients—or your own high standards. Along with impressive levels of resolving power, the H4D's 33.1x44.2mm (7304x5478-pixel) CCD sensor delivers moire free16-bit image files (50MB RAW 3FR / 120MB 8-bit TIFF) containing a dynamic range of up to 12 stops. The native ISO of the H4D is 100, and it can be pumped up to ISO 1600 when necessary.

You can shoot flat out at about 1.1 frames per second (50 per minute), which is on par with comparable medium-format DSLRs. This also means you can expect to fill a 4-gig SD card with about 75 images in a minute and a half. You also have the option of shooting tethered to a hard drive for longer uninterrupted shooting sessions.

The H4D features a 3", 24-bit LCD from which you can set a number of camera functions as well as play back and/or edit images on the fly. For viewing and composing, Hasselblad H-series cameras offer the option of the HV 90x prism finder, which contains a pop-up flash (G# 12 @ ISO100) for times you need a fast "eye-opener," and the HVM Waist-level finder.

Optically speaking, there's a full, well-rounded stable of Hasselblad HC / HCD lenses that go from an ultra-wide 28mm through 300 mm, including a 120/4 Macro, 2 zooms, a 1.7x teleconverter, extension tubes, and an HTS Tilt-Shift adapter that allows you to toy with the perspective and the plane of focus of your images. Hasselblad HC / HCD lenses feature center shutters with a shutter-speed range of 256 seconds to 1/800th of a second with full sync throughout the entire range.

For photographers who own Hasselblad C-series optics, there's a CF adapter that allows you to continue using these lenses on H-series bodies.

In a bid to wet your whistle, Hasselblad is currently offering the H4D-40 with an HCD 35-90mm wide-to-normal zoom lens in place of the 80mm 'normal' lens for $19,995 (including an HV 90x prism finder and battery), which equals a saving of about $5000 off the usual selling price of the same kit with the 80mm lens.

Additionally, Hasselblad is also offering a 30% discount on a  Hasselblad HC / HCD-series lens of your choice when purchased at the same time as an H4D kit with an 80mm lens ($19,995) or an H4D body and prism  without the 80mm lens ($17,995).

So if you've been toying with the idea of stepping up to one of the finast imaging machines currently on the market, here's 2 good reasons to take the plunge.