Induro Tripods Endure



Tripods, monopods and their accompanying heads provide the support necessary to hold a camera or other optical device in a stable position. This basic principle is easily achievable, however, variances to this simple principle are what set different tripods, monopods and heads apart. Induro’s focus on advancing these ideas to include a newly designed 5-way pan head and consistently lightweight and compact tripods places them squarely on the forefront of stabilization design.

Adventure AK Series Tripod Kits

Induro’s Adventure AK series tripods come as kits with an included head; either a ball head or a 3-way panhead. These tripods are among the most popular kits around and rightfully so. No matter the head configuration, these kits come with a set of legs that feature a wide stance cross braced magnesium-alloy spider to provide increased core stability that is focused around the center column. This is complemented by the oversized center column lock, which provides vibration reduction; the grooved center column for preventing unwanted column rotation; and a spring-loaded hook at the base of the column for suspending additional weight for even greater stability. Additionally, the center column can be removed and reversed to use for low-angle shooting. The legs themselves feature a quick-lock interface for a fast setup and are also non-rotational for additional strength and jamming prevention. They are adjustable and lockable at a variety of angles, ideal for situating on uneven surfaces or in tight spaces. One of the legs also incorporates a closed cell foam grip for comfort when carrying in cold or hot conditions.

In regard to the included heads, you have your choice of a single-action ball head or a 3-way panhead; both versions accommodate a snap-in quick release plate system for expedited camera swapping. The panhead’s handles facilitate precise camera placement and fold down for more compact transportation. The ball head features a single locking lever that controls the camera positioning and head rotation simultaneously.

Carbon 8X CM Series Tripods and Monopods

The Carbon 8X CM series of tripods and monopods are among the strongest support systems Induro offers, with the largest tripod, the CT414, capable of bearing loads up to 55 lb. The tripods feature a wide stance cross braced magnesium-alloy spider for core strength and 8-layer carbon fiber legs for lightweight rigidity. The oversized center column provides torsional support and vibration reduction, while the full width leg locks provide stability at three different angles. The legs’ ability to lock in place at each angle allows for greater ease of use and efficiency on uneven surfaces or in tight spaces where the tripod cannot be fully extended. The grooved, anti-rotation center column can also be reversed to enable low-angle photography down to 5.3 inches from the ground. At the base of the center column is a spring loaded weight hook for mounting more weight to the system for even greater stability. The tripods also integrate a double threaded accessory mount near the top plate, ideal for mounting accessories such as wireless transceivers and flex arms.

Both the Carbon 8X CM tripods and monopods feature the same dust and moisture resistant ergonomic rubber grip leg locks, providing you with extra assurance in adverse situations. The leg sections have a non-rotating design that keeps them moving quickly without jamming and are covered with closed cell comfort grips for functional handling in any weather condition. At the top of the system, a slip-resistant top plate with reversible head-mounting screw (either 1/4”-20 or 3/8”-16) provides compatibility with most heads and assures a secure mounting point.

These tripods and monopods are also available in an aluminum alloy construction, called the Alloy 8M AT series. The only difference is the leg construction, which uses alloy in place of carbon fiber, and results in support systems that are roughly 20% heavier than their carbon fiber counterparts.

Pan Heads

The PHQ series pan heads offer a unique take on pan/tilt head design and provide quintaxial positioning possibilities. These 5-way heads provide dual tilt, base, and top plate rotation abilities for a highly flexible system of camera placement. Both the base and head tilt axes rotate a full 360° and can be precisely positioned in reference to the fully graduated scales and five different bubble levels to assure that it’s plumb and level. The horizontal and vertical handles can be independently locked for greater freedom of positioning and folded down, making the entire head highly compact for transportation. These pan heads incorporate an Arca-Swiss style quick release system that can be varied in direction and also feature balance and nodal point orientation capabilities that, when paired with optional accessories, help with the production of panoramic, QTVR, spherical and 3D imaging.

For a simpler style of pan head, the PHT series pan heads provide the more usual 3-way pan/tilt operation. Independent controls allow for dialed-in placement that can be checked against the incorporated graduated angle scale and built-in bubble level. Like the PHQ series, these heads also have the ability to fold the handles inward to simplify packing for easier transportation. They also feature a dual locking quick release system for extra security and accept Induro’s snap-in quick release plates.

Gimbal Heads

Induro also manufactures a line of gimbal heads, the GH series, which are ideal for use with long telephoto lenses and fast-paced, tracking style photography. Gimbal heads allow for very fast vertical and horizontal movements since the design of these heads essentially renders mounted camera systems weightless. Their gravity-balance operation also makes it incredibly easy to maneuver the whole system, even when using some of the largest, heaviest lenses. They are compatible with Arca-Swiss style quick releases and feature oversized locking knobs for secure placement.

Ball Heads

The BHL series ball heads are capable of bearing some of the heaviest loads (up to 88 pounds) due to their low-profile design. These heads feature an oversized head lock knob for smooth positioning and use as well as a unique integrated lock limiter tension control that provides individual camera weight adjustment compensation. A separate panning lock and graduated base scale make 360° rotations simple and efficient. These ball heads also feature an Arca-Swiss style quick release system with a double safety lock to ensure secure camera mounting and dismounting.

Similar to the BHL heads, the BHD dual-action ball heads are also capable of supporting heavy loads (up to 55 pounds) and feature large, ergonomic knobs for fine-tuned locking control. An adjustable manual drag control knob provides adjustment abilities that take into account the weight of the camera you are using and an independent 360° panning control knob makes easy work of doing full-rotation pans. These heads have a safety locking quick release system and are compatible with Arca-Swiss style quick release plates.

The most minimal of Induro’s ball head offerings is the BHS series. These heads are smaller and lighter in weight for greater portability. They feature a single-action lever lock for quick and free camera placement and a built-in bubble level for checking your adjustments. A dual locking quick release system keeps your camera mounted securely and it accepts Induro’s snap-in style quick release plates.

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