Introducing: The Canon Lens Experience


The Canon Lens Experience

Covering all things related to Canon and its lenses, The Canon Lens Experience is an immersive hub containing interviews, technical information, interactive tools, educational articles, and glossaries that take in the breadth of Canon's network of optics. This multi-faceted project began with a desire to uncover the wide range of options dedicated to Canon photographers and includes in-depth details about what makes Canon lenses so special and how these technologies can be employed for successful imaging results.

Beginning with Experiences, 15 photographers were chosen to best represent exactly how a Canon lens can function in real-world use. B&H surveyed a range of some of the most enticing genres of photography and spoke with leaders in each category to find out more about his or her practices, tools, and perspectives. The diverse group of photographers we selected comprise an impressive list of talent: architectural photographer Donna Dotan; portrait photographer Gregory Heisler; fashion photographer Jeremy Cowart; aerial photographer Jim Wark; wedding photographer Joe Buissink; product photographer John Kuczala; photojournalist John Tlumacki; music photographer Mike Lerner; air-to-air photographer Paul Bowen; sport photographer Peter Read Miller; landscape photographer Peter Tellone; wildlife photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins; travel photographer Randy Kerr; food photographer Sasha Gitin; and underwater photographer Stephen Frink. Each shares his or her stories on working in their respective fields and sheds some light on how and why they make the images they do.

The Canon Lens Experience

The second stop, Virtual, serves as an interactive educational tool for gaining a better grasp of specific optical terms and controls, including different focal length lenses, depth of field, tilt-shift controls, image stabilization, and macro.

The final stop in The Canon Lens ExperienceLenses, is an all-encompassing overview of Canon's lens lineup, with a look at each lens from wide-angle to telephoto, and including more specialized options such as macro and tilt-shift lenses. Complementing this overview is an equally thorough A to Z guide of all the unique technologies Canon employs when designing its lenses. Including topics such as “what is an L lens?”, “things to consider when purchasing a lens,” and detailed looks at certain components that make up the versatile lineup from Canon. This section is offset by a more formal glossary of terms relating to lenses and photography, in general.


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