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Introducing the H6X Medium Format Camera Body


The core component within Hasselblad’s modular medium format H system, the H6X is a versatile camera body designed to accept the full range of HC/HCD lenses, digital and film backs, and a series of removable viewfinders. Its H interface supports working with a range of digital backs, both Hasselblad and third party, as well as the H 16-32 film back for 645 film shooting. Intended as an upgrade for existing H1, H2, H4X, and H5X users, the H6X is also ideally suited as a backup body for H6D shooters.

Matching the design traits of the H6D camera, the H6X is constructed from stainless steel and aluminum alloy, and includes a lithium-ion battery grip that serves as both the key point for holding the camera and the long-lasting power source. For intuitive use in a variety of shooting scenarios, eight shooting profiles are accessible, seven of which can be fully customized for easy switching between various combinations of shooting settings. When used in conjunction with HC/HCD lenses, the H6X also makes use of True Focus technology with Absolute Position Lock to maintain autofocus accuracy when shooting in the focus-then-recompose method.

Available as a body only, the H6X can also be bundled with the HV 90X-II Viewfinder, to suit shooting with film and larger sensor size digital backs, or the HVD 90X Viewfinder, to support shooting with sensor sizes smaller than 37 x 49mm.

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