KelbyOne Gets Exposed to the New Canon 5DS, and Large Prints, at WPPI


At the Wedding and Portrait Photography Expo, in Las Vegas, Larry Becker, reporting for, talked to Rudy Winston at the Canon booth, where for the first time in the United States, some prints from the pre-production model Canon 5DS  and 5DS R were on display.

Canon went out with several of its “Explorers of Light” photographers and the 5DS camera, to shoot on location prior to the WPPI show. On the show floor, the photographers were on hand to talk about their experience with the camera, while 44 x 66" prints of their work hung on the walls.

Echoing what was emphasized at Japan’s CP Plus expo last month, “detail” seems to be the key word used most by Canon when describing the new 50-megapixel DSLR. In spectacular fashion, the demos at the CP Plus show revealed the amount of information that professional photographers were able to capture with the new cameras.

At WPPI, Winston also pointed out that “this is a camera that will fit into a lot of different situations.”

While production images from Canon focused on studio photographers and landscape photographers, it sounds like Canon is also realizing a broader market will be interested in the extremely high-megapixel camera, including photographers shooting sports and wildlife action images.

As Larry Becker mentions, the video just can’t capture the image quality of the large prints. Seeing large-scale prints from a 50-megapixel camera is something you have to see in a photo gallery. That brings up another market that Canon might see open up as this camera rolls into production: the fine art market. In an area where large format film and high-end medium format digital cameras, such as the Hasselblad H5D, still remain the favorite tools, the 5DS and the 5DSR might gain a foothold after people see for themselves the print quality achievable with these new high-pixel-count SLRs.

It looks like the market may be telling Canon “who needs 50 megapixels?” for the next couple years. From fine art photographers who want large gallery-quality prints to action photographers who want maximum detail and the ability to crop images with minimal loss in detail, there are a lot of photographers of all stripes waiting for these new cameras.

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