KOBRA Flash Modifiers and Gels Now Available at B&H


Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, KOBRA has reared up at B&H with its Flash Modifier Kit, Color Gel Kit, and combination Full System Kit. Wedding and event photographers looking for a means of shaping the harsh light coming from their flash will benefit from the patent-pending, built-in reflector that distinguishes the KOBRA brand from other modifiers. By bouncing light within the unit before sending it through clear silicone, light coming from the flash unit is twice diffused. In contrast to many other flash attachments, light is directed forward rather than in all directions, maximizing power and control. The unit attaches via a silicone band, compatible with most flash heads.

KOBRA Full System with Flash Modifier and Gel Filters

Photographers looking to add some creative bite to their light will want to check out KOBRA’s color gel kit, which includes six colored gels that easily attach to most flashes via a silicone band. Full, ½, and ¼ CTO filters allow you to vary flash light relative to ambient light, while Twickenham Green, Light Red, and Tokyo Blue filters are designed for accent lights or experimental photographs. Also included is a snazzy filter wallet to protect and store the set.