Lastolite Halo Reflector Makes Essential Accessory Even Better


Reflectors have long been crucial components of any photographer’s kit, and are loved for their simple design and effectiveness. Little did you know, the standard accessory could be even better, which is what we see in the just-announced Halo Compact Reflector from Lastolite. Measuring 32" across, this portable device features a patent-pending design that allows it to pack down even smaller than conventional collapsible models. It is also lighter weight and has a handgrip for comfortable and secure handheld use.

Other changes coming with the Halo Compact, available as either a Silver/White Reflector or a 2-Stop Diffuser, include a rigid frame that will help prevent unwanted bending due to wind or weight and a ¼"-20 thread for mounting it on various support appliances. It will come with a storage bag for transport and you can find replacement silver/white and diffusion fabric to expand the kit’s capabilities.

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