Leica Reveals Q “Snow” Digital Camera, Styled in White and Silver


In tune with the winter sports season, Leica has unveiled a white, Snow Edition of its Q (Typ 116) full-frame compact digital camera. Designed in partnership with gold medal-winning snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov, the special-edition camera takes the interior components of the Q camera and packages them in a stylish white exterior with matching accessories. This model will be limited to 300 units worldwide, with each individual camera featuring its exclusive serial number engraved on its hot shoe.

As the name implies, the “Snow” edition is built with white cowhide leather around its entire body, for a clean and timeless design. Most of the external metal components feature a silver-anodized finish, including the top plate, bottom plate, and control dials, lending the camera a more polished appearance. Completing the look is an included neck strap and a soft carrying case, both made of white leather, to match.

On the inside, everything is the same as in the regular Q (Typ 116), including the 24.2 MP full-frame sensor and Maestro II processor. Also the same is the Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH lens provided with the camera—this particular version is styled in silver with red lettering and is paired with a silver lens hood. The Q “Snow” offers integrated Wi-Fi for easy media sharing, as well as touchscreen controls, and is an outstanding choice for street and landscape photographers.

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