Lensbaby Announces Double Glass II Optic for Composer Pro II


Lensbaby refreshes an old favorite of the Optic Swap System with the Double Glass II for the Composer Pro II. The new optic adds a 12-bladed, manually adjustable internal aperture to its drop-in magnetic aperture system and features an all-metal housing for durability. Designed for creating impressionistic effects and unique bokeh, the Double Glass II continues the Lensbaby tradition of experimental image making.

Double Glass II
Double Glass II

Like its predecessor, this is an optic that earns its reputation in the out-of-focus areas of images. When opened to f/2.5, focus is limited to a tiny spot with extreme blur surrounding it. Between f/4 and f/22, it becomes easier to lock focus on subjects with less distortion. Complementing its 12-bladed adjustable aperture are nine drop-in magnetic aperture discs, including a five-pointed star and heart, that can be used to create unique bokeh effects in-camera.

The Double Glass II is compatible with Lensbaby's macro accessories so its effects can be extended to close-up images. It is available alone or paired with a Composer Pro II for Canon EF and RF; FUJIFILM X; Micro Four Thirds; Nikon F and Z; Pentax K; Sony E; and L-mount cameras.

Have you used Lensbaby's Composer Pro II? What do you think of the latest addition to its creative optic lineup?