Less is More—Much More! New Pelican Super-Light Hard Cases


For years, photographers have prized the protective qualities of Pelican cases. Watertight, dustproof, crushproof, these finely crafted and attractive cases set the standard by which many other cases were measured. Some of the features that made Pelican cases indispensable are the ABS double-throw latches, watertight O-ring gasket, built-in purge valve, stainless-steel hasp protectors, over-molded handles, and the ability to survive the rigors of airline travel. And to ensure that there was a case for every need, Pelican offered numerous features such as trolley handles, wheels, and more. These thoughtful innovations were enhanced by the option to purchase the case empty or with padded dividers or pick-n-pluck foam. And for many years, this more than met the needs of the average customer.

That is, with one exception: weight. To protect gear, the cases had to be heavy. Unfortunately, with airline weight limits for carry-on and checked luggage, weight has often been an issue. Photographers had to choose between using cases that were less protective, spending more on baggage fees, or carrying less gear. And, of course, that’s not to say that these fine, though weighty, cases didn’t serve nor continue to serve the purpose for which they were made. For these reasons, photographers will rejoice when they read about the new lineup of Pelican super-light hard cases. These cases are significantly lighter and sport weight reductions of up to 40 percent less than similarly sized polymer cases. Honeycomb structural elements and a lightweight HPX propriety resin formula have made all of this possible.

Complementing these innovations is a stylish, new, conical-curve lid shape; refined, rubber, over-molded handles; and a removable polycarbonate card holder that may be placed on the front or the side of the case. Not content to rest on its lighter laurels, Pelican has also introduced a new type of insert divider system, called TrekPak. This system features a user-customizable, waterproof, closed-cell foam laminated to rigid, corrugated plastic divider sections, and panels that join together with steel U pins. The end result is an insert that weighs less and increases storage space. Like the earlier versions, cases come empty, with a traditional padded insert and dividers, or with pick-n-pluck foam, as well.

Super light, Pelican cases are available in six flavors: a compact hand-carry 1485AirNF, 4.6 lb, 19.2 x 12.8 x 6.9"; slightly larger carry-on 1525AirNF, 6.0 lb, 21.9 x 13.9 x 7.5"; wheeled carry-on 1535AirNF, 8.7 lb, 21.9 x 11.9 x 8.9"; carry-on 1555AirNF, 7.4 lb, 24.8 x 15.5 x 8.2"; carry-on 1605AirWD, 11.6 lb, 28.9 x 16.8 x 9.1"; and a robust, wheeled check-in 1615AirNF, 14.1 lb, 32.6 x 18.4 x 11.0". Each model floats in salt water, has a 0 – 140-degree F operating range, has been drop-tested on concrete while fully loaded, and is tested with a 28-lb steel dart dropped from a height of 3 feet. The result of Pelican’s extraordinary manufacturing excellence and innovation is stronger, lighter cases that prove the time-tested architect’s adage that less is more.