Litepanels Introduces Gemini 2x1 Soft LED Panel


Boasting accurate color, a variety of control methods, and a large, diffused front face, the Gemini 2x1 LED Light from Litepanels is a dramatic evolution of the standard panel that delivers phenomenal color-accurate light that is extremely flattering with its soft output. Stepping things up from the average, the Gemini offers full color control through either a CCT Mode featuring a range of 2700-6000K with plus and minus green offsets, an HSI Color Mode for adjusting hue, saturation, and intensity of the fixture, and a Gel Mode for automatically applying a desired effect to the light without needing any physical gels. Users will enjoy extremely accurate color rendering as well with rated CRI and TLCI of 97 for daylight and 99 for tungsten.


A variety of control methods add to the Gemini’s capabilities as it includes both local controls and DMX512 support through either a 5-pin XLR or RJ45 connection. The fixture is also flicker-free at any intensity level from 0-100% and has no color shift. Optional wireless DMX and Bluetooth modules are available for more advanced setups, if so desired. Multiple lights can even be connected together and be controlled from a single fixture. An internal power supply furthers improve operability by eliminating the need for an external ballast and the ability to run worldwide with 100-240 VAC input. Users can use DC power via the 3-pin XLR connection as the fixture can run on 28 VDC.


Built to last, the Gemini features a durable aluminum construction with a yoke that makes it compatible with most standard support systems. Various accessories are available as well, including 4-way barndoors, a 60° honeycomb grid, a SnapBag Softbox, a 40° SnapGrid, a 40° SnapGrid for the SnapBag Softbox, and more. Multiple mounting configurations can be set up as well with dedicated Dual Stacking and Quad Stacking Kits being made available. And, there is a Fixture Cover and an Anvil-Style Case for the light.