Lupo Actionpanel LED Panels Offer Greater Color Control


Lupo has created two compact 8 x 8" LED panels: one with wide color control and the other with extensive RGBWW color selection. Both have high CRI/TLCI ratings of 94 or greater, indicating advanced accuracy in rendering colors, 0 to 100% dimming, onboard remote function control via DMX, multi-voltage AC power supply for worldwide use, and the option of running them on V-mount batteries when AC power is unavailable. As a further measure of consistency, Lupo employs Linear, Exponential and Logarithmic Dimmer Curves to ensure accurate and repeatable output in response to the input signal.

Lupo Actionpanel

The Actionpanel Dual Color 600 LED Panel has a rugged technopolymer shell and a flicker-free variable color range of 3200 to 5600K to blend into any ambient light situation seamlessly, match other fixtures, or just for creative expression. The Dual Color 600 outputs an impressive 13,000 lux at 3.3' while consuming just 60W.

Lupo Actionpanel Dual Color Panel

The Actionpanel Full Color 602 LED Panel has all the attributes of the 600 and more. Its RGBWW Mode allows you to control Red, Green, Blue, and White LEDs independently, making millions of colors accessible. HSI Mode enables Hue, Saturation, and Intensity of color control, while CCT Mode offers color temperature selection from a warm 2800K to a cool blue 10,000K ,as well as Magenta/Green control. The Full Color 602 also has an expansive library of preset filters, as well as special effects to lend authenticity to your shoot.

Lupo Actionpanel Full Color LED Panel

Both the Dual Color 600 and the Full Color 602 are available as “Actionpacks” that include a V-mount battery plate, D-Tap cable, diffuser, and a backpack.

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