Modern Classic Retro Design: the Fujifilm X30 Digital Camera


  Fujifilm X30 Digital Camera

Characterized by its new high-resolution electronic viewfinder, along with the unique proprietary X-Trans II sensor technology, Fujifilm's X30 digital camera is an advanced point-and-shoot that places a clear emphasis on operability and image quality. A 2/3" 12MP CMOS sensor pairs with the EXR Processor II to realize up to 12 fps shooting, full HD 1080p60 recording, and sensitivity up to ISO 12800. Intelligent Hybrid AF combines phase- and contrast-detection methods to enable focus speeds as fast as 0.06 of a second in a wide variety of lighting conditions.

The real-time OLED EVF features 2.36m-dot resolution and 0.65x magnification, along with a lag time of just 0.005 of a second to present a natural, easy-to-view finder that is well suited for bright conditions. Alternatively, a 3.0" 920k-dot LCD monitor is also available, and features a tilting design for operator comfort when working from high and low angles. The X30's design has also been improved through the incorporation of dual control rings surrounding the 28-112mm equivalent f/2.0-2.8 Fujinon lens, which offers intuitive manual control over the zoom position, as well as some of the most oft-used camera settings. The lens's design also incorporates a four-stop-effective optical image stabilization system to improve image capture in difficult lighting conditions.


Under the hood, the X30 sees the inclusion of built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, for wireless image sharing and remote camera control from mobile devices. In-camera control over the look and feel of imagery is supported by distinct Film Simulation modes, including the new Classic Chrome setting, which are based on Fujifilm's genealogy of film emulsions.


Since there are zero reviews for this camera on the B&H Fuji X30 product page am I to guess that no one has bought this interesting camera?

Normally when there are no reviews on a product it is more due to a lack of customers posting.  We have definitely sold plenty of the Fuji X30 camera.  However in this case it’s a situation where our webteam has not posted the Customer Review tab for customers to utilize, and I am not at a point where I can account for why it’s not there. 

I am submitting a request to them to post the option and any reviews we’ve received previously if there are any.  I can tell you from being a Fuji fan and Fuji shooter that the X30 is a great camera (one I’m going to be purchasing later this year for myself in fact). Its lens is very sharp and the image quality is very nice. 

That's great to hear! Would you say the Fuji X30 would be a noticeable step up in image quality from the Canon PowerShot S90? That is the compact camera that I currently own.

Yes I would.  The X30 is a bit more tangible than the S90 to start.  Its slightly larger form allows it to incorporate a larger sized sensor (bigger sensor = bigger enlargments and better detail).  It has a higher pixel count (again better detail) and also higher ISO range (better for low light shooting), and the top shutter speed is much faster (better freeze-frame shots) to name a few perks.  All these features will lend towards better image quality than your S90.

Wonderful. You mentioned bigger sensor = bigger enlargments and better detail. What's the max. enlargment at 300 dpi the Fuji X30 can produce? 11x14?

According to my math, with a max resolution of 4000x3000 the largest print would be (rounded) 13x 10 inches.  For better optimization I'd round down to an 8x10 or 8.5x11 print.  You likely could get a nice 11x14 with it however.  Depends on the quality of the particular image.