Mogees Pro Vibration Sensor Makes a MIDI Controller out of Any Object


Are you a special sort of creative person, the kind who likes to pick up household objects (tea kettles, dish-racks, etc.) to see if you can make music with them? Or consider this: have you ever found yourself wondering something like, “what would happen if I used my handbag as a MIDI-controller?” If you possess the kind of brain that seeks to process everything into innovative music—if someone like Bjork is your idol, for instance—then you ought to check out the Mogees Pro Vibration Sensor. It’s not just a contact sensor, picking up the vibrations of any surface to which you attach it. It’s also a MIDI controller, one that comes with its own iOS app and Audio Units plug-in to boot (seriously: you can use it with a boot).

Its operation is simple, yet powerful: simply attach the contact sensor to any item you’d like; a table, a bicycle, a houseplant—chances are, if you can attach the contact sensor, it’ll work just fine. Next, decide how you’d like to play your table, bicycle, or whatever else, paying attention to which specific areas on the object you’d like to strike. Once you’ve decided on how you’re going to play your makeshift instrument, it’s time to map each hit to separate notes within the corresponding app.

The app itself comes with four different sound engines (two tonal and two rhythmic), though more will be made available soon. However, it’s important to realize that you’re not limited to your iOS device: each hit can also trigger MIDI within your DAW. In conjunction with the Mogees plug-in, you can turn any household item into a MIDI-controller, bestowing upon yourself the ability to trigger any sample with, say, a lamp, as well as the opportunity to affect any MIDI-controllable parameter with, say, that copy of War and Peace you never quite finished. In fact, using Mogees in this way, you can even affect pre-recorded loops, sequences, and tracks in real time with an amazing amount of sensitivity and expressiveness, giving your DJ or EDM sets a unique flow. This device also comes with some convenient inclusions, such as a flight case and two re-washable adhesive pads for the sensor. So whether you’re looking for something odd to get you inspired at home, or something spellbinding to captivate an audience in a live setting, this little item will do the trick.