New LED Lighting Systems from FotodioX


FotodioX has introduced two LED lighting systems with advanced features and a form factor that with one look will tell you they’re going to be fun to use. The DaoLite Prizmo Edition LED Tube Wand is made in two lengths, 30" (DL-2) and 36" (DLC-2). Both have a 2.2" diameter and a 360-degree beam spread that make them perfect for confined spaces and use as a background, hair, or accent light. While they both run on universal 100 to 240 AC power, the kits include a battery handle that encourages wire-free, handheld use and spontaneous, wand-like motion and creative positioning, while giving you about 75 minutes of run time.

FotodioX DaoLight DL-2 Bi-Color 2' LED Scene Light with Battery Handle Kit

The DL-2 and the DLC-2 have an expansive white light range of 2800 to 6500K with highly accurate CRI/TLCI ratings, to blend seamlessly with ambient light conditions or other fixtures, while the lights are also dimmable from 10 to 100% . The Prizmo DLC-2 has an additional special feature. Its RGBW+T full gamut color mixing with hue and saturation control offers the image-maker a choice of literally millions of colors, making it able to fulfill just about any technical or artistic requirement with no need to add gels or colored sleeves. Besides the battery handle, both of these impressive lights come with an AC adapter, charger, a ball head for mounting, and a carry case.

FotodioX DaoLite Prizmo Edition DLC-2 LED Tube Wand Light with Battery Handle

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