New LED Ring and Softlights from Savage


Savage is going full-tilt in the LED lighting department. The latest studio lights to arrive from Savage include the Edge Light Mini LED Light, which is a circular, dual-voltage, 6-inch-round 5500K, CRI 95 LED light panel that emulates the soft output of a small light box. The narrow-profile design of the lamp is fan-less, yet it runs quietly, cool to the touch, and flicker-free.

A series of LED bulbs face inward and are reflected at your subject through a soft white diffuser panel. Ideal for spot interviews and other ENG applications, the Savage Edge Light Mini LED Light features all-metal construction, a step-less, variable dimmer and it comes with a ball head and removable shoe.

Similar in design, but rectangular rather than round, is the Savage LED-ELLG Edge Lit Pro Light. Measuring 12.6 x 8.6", the LED bulbs in the LED-ELLG Edge Lit Pro, which have a CRI of 95, are bicolor and blendable from 3200K through 5500K. An LCD readout displays the unit’s power level, color temperture, and channel information. An included multichannel remote enables you to control light output of individual bulbs or groups of bulbs.

The LED-ELLG Edge Lit Pro is dual voltage, can operate on AC and DC power, and features DMX in-and-out using RJ11 phone cord connectors.

For larger setups, Savage offers the Savage Edge Lit Pro LED kit, which includes two LED-ELLG Edge Lit Pro lights with stands and a rolling case.

Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Light Kit

Ringlight fans will be interested in the new Savage Luminous Pro 19" Ringlight Plus, a 96W continuous, ring-shaped, flicker-free LED lamphead with a color temperature range of 3200K – 5500K, a choice of remote and local controls, and a rear back-lit LCD screen. The Luminous Pro 19" Ringlight Plus also offers you a choice of AC or battery power and includes two NP-F750 batteries with chargers, a cold shoe, a ballhead for mounting the lamp on a stand or camera, and a padded carry case.

Savage Luminous Pro 19" Ringlight Plus

A bit simpler is the Savage Luminous Pro 19" Ringlight, a 240 LED, 5500K, flicker-free circular ringlight that includes clear and 3200K snap-on filters, a clod shoe and ball head for mounting the lamp on a stand or camera, local controls for stepless dimming, a universal 85-240 VAC power supply, and a padded carry case.

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