The New Lowel PRO Power LED Lights


A wide 10- to 43-degree beam-angle range and spot-to-flood ratio and a compact form factor make the Lowel PRO Power LED Fresnel a go-to light for flooded-out or long-throw applications and run-and-gun videography. Available in daylight or tungsten color balance with 90+ CRI ratings, and provided with a multi-voltage AC power supply, the light also offers a DC battery option, accepts 82mm threaded filters, has a fold-away tilting handle and two-way barndoors. An ergonomic grip is available for handheld use. The benefits of using an LED source are many, and all of them pertain to the PRO Power. The light runs cool to the touch, eliminating the risks associated with hot lights, allowing you to place them much closer to the talent when necessary without causing discomfort.

Low-generated heat also promises a rapid return on investment, especially when used in the studio or other enclosed space. With its low 22.4W power draw and 100-150W tungsten-equivalent output, you can run up to 60 PRO Power LEDs on a standard household circuit, as opposed to 10-15 hot lights of similar output. Color is consistent and performance is flicker-free throughout the dimming range or when shooting slow motion at up to 2,350 fps.

Both two- and three-light kits are built around the PRO Power. The two-light setup includes stands, barndoors, umbrellas, power supplies, and a hard or a soft case. The comprehensive three-light kits come with a softbox, umbrella, CTO or CTB gels and a gel frame, barndoors, power supplies, stands, and hard case. All of the accessories offered in the kits are available for separate purchase.