New Lowepro Flipside AW II Backpacks Take a Whacking and Keep on Packing


Lowepro has just announced the redesigned line of Flipside AW II camera backpacks. The tough, new backpacks sport a similar look and feel to the previous models, with fabric and design upgrades that include a variety of laptop/tablet accommodations, and they do retain the security features and ease of access of the company’s signature Flipside design. The Lowepro Flipside 200 AW II, Flipside 300 AW II, Flipside 400 AW II, and Flipside 500 AW II bags have their differences but share several characteristics.

A high-capacity, dynamic storage system adjusts to fit a wide range of gear, as well as dedicated laptop storage, and can handle any of your gear-porting needs with reconfigurable interior padding that you can adjust to the size and shape of the equipment you need to carry. The Flipside design offers increased security for your gear by providing body-side points of entry, granting you full access without having to unmount your bag or set it down—a plus when you’re on assignment in risky urban environments or bang up against a sheer rock face. The bags are fully structured and padded, with multiple interior pockets and an All Weather AW™ Cover to provide solid protection from inclement meteorological conditions, such as dust, rain, or snow. For multiple carrying options, the bags offer a top handle, shoulder straps, and a waist belt.

The exteriors of the Flipside camera backpacks are constructed from rugged 600D polyester, 150D 148T polyester, 190T Ripstop, and 450D Shadow Rip Polyester, and will stand up to however many miles of travel you log, through the toughest terrain. The interiors are made of 150D 148T Polyester, and the waterproof rain cover is made of 190T Nylon R/S to keep your bag and camera gear dry.

Lowepro Flipside 300 AW II Camera Backpack with rain cover deployed

In terms of the amount of gear that these backpacks can hold and transport, let’s begin with the most compact of the line, the Flipside 200 AW II. This bag can port your mirrorless or DSLR camera with as long a lens as 70-200mm attached, one to two extra lenses, or a compact drone. There’s also space for a seven-inch tablet (the front pocket, with CradleFit™, suspends and protects your tablet), two stretch-mesh side pockets for things you need to grab quickly, and a dedicated tripod-attachment system for a compact tripod. The Flipside 300 AW II can hold the same number of items, but will easily accommodate a 10-inch tablet.

Lowepro Flipside 200 AW II Camera Backpack

The Flipside 400 AW II increases its load-bearing abilities noticeably, by carrying a DSLR with up to a 300mm lens attached, and providing space for four to six additional lenses, a flash, or a compact drone. In addition to the side mesh pockets, this bag will also hold a mid-size tripod, a 15-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet, with the CradleFit™ front pocket for protection.

Lowepro Flipside 400 AW II Camera Backpack

The big brother of the line, the Flipside 500 AW II, has all the amenities of the smaller bags, and will easily pack a pro DSLR with up to a 400mm f/2.8 lens attached, or a 500mm lens detached from the camera body. This heavy hitter will also hold one to two extra camera bodies, four to six extra lenses, a 15-inch laptop and 10-inch tablet, again with the CradleFit™ front pocket, and a full-size tripod.

Lowepro Flipside 500 AW II Camera Backpack

These bags will not let you down, and you don’t need to set them down when you’re actively shooting pictures. For complete audio-visual information, presented in a much more entertaining fashion than this announcement could ever hope to do, watch Lowepro’s video: