New Slik AL-Pro 300 Series and the Sprint Pro III Series Tripods

New Slik Pro AL-300 and Sprint Pro III series Travel Tripods

In the expansive world of tripod manufacturers, Slik is one of those brands that brings a lot of value to the customer without the are-you-kidding-me? price tags of other brands. Staying the course, Slik is rolling out two new series of travel tripods for photographers and videographers who are heading out for various adventures and looking for stability for their camera rigs. Let’s take a look at the new AL-Pro 300 Series and the Sprint Pro III Series of tripods in the Slik line.

The AL-Pro 300 series is available in either a three-section or four-section model. These aluminum tripods feature a low-profile collar and a new Rapid Flip Mechanism (RFM) for easy leg-angle adjustments for uneven terrain or lower shooting angles. Additionally, the tripod chassis has an accessory port that accepts ¼"-20 and 3/8"-16 accessories like lights, monitor supports, and other accessories. The center column has a hook for adding weight or keeping your camera bag off the ground, and the column can be separated into two pieces for inverted or low-angle shooting.

Both the three- and four-section legs have a rubber grip and stabilize 8.8 lb of camera gear, making the rig suitable for pro-sized DSLRs and lenses, while only weighing 3 lb and 2.8 lb, respectively, without their heads.

The Pro AL-323 and Pro AL-324 legs can be purchased separately or as a kit with a SH-705E 3-way pan/tilt head or SBH-400 ball head. With the pan head, the AL-323 reaches 50.2" and folds to 23.4" while weighing 4 lb. The AL-324 reaches 46.6" and folds to 19 inches with the pan head; weighing 3.8 lb. Both models come with a fitted travel bag.

Pro AL-300 Options

Pro AL-323 (legs only)

Pro AL-324 (legs only)

Pro AL-323 with SH-705E pan/tilt head

Pro AL-324 with SH-705E pan/tilt head

Pro AL-323 with SBH-400 ball head

Pro AL-324 with SBH-400 ball head

The Sprint Pro III series arrives in three flavors—the Sprint Pro III, Sprint Mini III, and Video Sprint III.

The Sprint Pro III tripod is available in black or gunmetal with the SBH-100 ball head, SH-704E 3-way head, or the SH-707E 2-way head. At its tallest (with the pan-tilt head), the tripod reaches 63.2" and folds to 18.7" while supporting 4.4 lb of gear and weighing only 2.6 lb. Like the Pro 300, it features the new Rapid Flip Mechanism and two-section reversible center column. All three legs have rubber grips and it comes in a fitted travel case.

Fans of the Explora site might recognize the Sprint Mini III because its older brother is proudly featured in the 12 Recommended Travel Tripods article. Will this new one take the Mini II’s place? Undoubtedly. The Sprint Mini III packs up to just over a foot in length at 13.2", but extends to 42.4 inches and weighs a miniscule 1.9 lb, while supporting 4.4 lb of gear. Rubber grips replace the foam grips on the Mini II, and the new version also features the Rapid Flip Mechanism.

Last up, the Video Sprint III is a Sprint Pro III tripod with the Sprint Video Head for smooth panning motion picture shots. It reaches 63" and folds down to 18.9" while weighing 2.5 lb. The Video Sprint III will stabilize 4.4 lb of gear.

Video Sprint III
Video Sprint III

Sprint Pro III Options

Sprint Mini III with SBH-100 ball head (black)

Sprint Mini III with SBH-100 ball head (gunmetal gray)

Sprint Pro III with SH-704E pan/tilt head (black)

Sprint Pro III with SH-704E pan/tilt head (gunmetal gray)

Sprint Pro III with SBH-100 ball head (black)

Sprint Pro III with SBH-100 ball head (gunmetal gray)

Sprint Pro III with SH-707E 2-way head

Video Sprint III with Sprint Video Head

From the looks of it, Slik has improved its product line nicely—adding to its fantastic value.