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Nikon Celebrates Centennial with First Details of the "Herculean" D850


Happy Birthday Nikon! Today marks the 100th anniversary of one of the most important and celebrated companies in the photography industry. Even if you are a Canon or Sony shooter, of which I have been both, Nikon deserves a great deal of respect for its pioneering development of top-tier imaging equipment over the past century. Established in 1917, Nikon began creating advanced optical engineering techniques and then, over time, jumped into cameras and quickly became one of the top manufacturers in the field. And even though today marks Nikon’s own birthday, the company decided to give us a present too, with the announcement of the first details on the next FX-format DSLR to join their ranks: the D850.

Perhaps going a bit far with its marketing and using phrases like “Hercules rising,” Nikon is making some bold statements about the upcoming D850. The next-generation camera promises high resolution and high speed and, though the press releases are light on actual specs, one eyebrow-raising feature did get highlighted in the announcement video: 8K Time-Lapse. This means we will likely see a boost to the resolution with a newly designed sensor, likely pushing 40+ megapixels and vastly improved video performance overall. The sample footage looks spectacular, and if it is any improvement over the already impressive D810, then we can assume that the D850 will be truly remarkable when it comes to image quality.

Higher resolution isn’t the only goal of the D850, however, with the press release promising versatility for multimedia content creators. It even targets landscape, wedding, sports, fashion, and commercial photographers, meaning it should have many features that will make it almost universally appealing to the photographic world. They also make clear that development was guided by the users themselves and that it is packed with new technologies that will make taking pictures a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience. It really does look like Nikon is going to deliver an incredible camera in the D850, and I know I can’t wait to see more details.

Check back soon and often for those details on the D850 DSLR, because we will publish the information right here on Explora, once we have more to share. To read more about the Nikon 100th Anniversary Limited Edition collection, click here.

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No sooner have I settled into a comfotable bond with my D810 (purchased 8 mos ago) than Nikon introduces it's "Herculean" D850. Well, such is the life with technology development. But don't be surprised if the strongman is delayed to market; it's the Nikon thing to do.

How can Nikon not have an embedded flash? I may upgrade me D800E to an D810 if that's true about no flash.

It's true. And my D810 with 5000 clicks will soon be available, ha!

No embeddedflash?  So What!  If it has a hot shoe or a PC sync terminal, I'm golden!  The little built-in flash unit gets little-if-any use on my cameras; my 1965 vintage F Photomic T with more than a Mega-frame through it and still working superbly (If only Big Yellow was still making Kodachrome 25) has served me well without a built-in flash, and with my Norman on a bracket, I don't ever get red-eye, even when taking animal portraits.

Come to think of it, I even prefer my old Vivitar 283 to any built-in flash I have ever had the misfortune to need to use.  For a professional camera, a built in flash is a waste of money and only serves to add the weight of the flash equipment even when tehe flash is unnecessary.

I remain,

The Old Soldering Gunslinger

When they make a video like this they could at least tell you what lens they used.

Anyone who buys a now outdated SLR (mirror type) doesn"t get it.  The mirror is an item of the past.  The new generation of Sony mirorless cameras blow the competition right out of the water.  And by the way, the Sony/Zeiss lenses hold their own against any optics out there.. 


Mirrorless is very good and a growing market for sure.  But the DSLR still very much has it's place in the PRO world.  And we do get it, believe me.  I have both kinds of systems and I'm looking forward to seeing how the D850 performs.  Yes, the Sony/Zeiss lenses are very good overall and they definitely hold their own, especially in weight.  

All the best,


I am totally with you Tony!    To say the SLR is dead is WAY premature.

Maybe it's Nikon who is dying. If so then Canon and Pentax will carry the torch until the SLR finally does die.

bleah bleah bleah!

Gerald, your comment is rather naive. Mirrorless cameras might appeal to you, but they do not suit the needs of everyone. You get about 300 exposures per charge off your Sony battery... I get 2000+ exposures per charge from of my DSLRs. That's important to me when I am shooting all day. Spending time looking and waiting for a moment costs battery power with a mirrorless camera... it doesn't with a DSLR. WYSIWYG with a DSLR, but not neccesarily with a Mirrorless. And while you might think your camera system is lighter, that can change when you factor in the lenses. And speaking of lenses... when Sony have the same comprehensive range of lenses as Nikon or Canon, then you can start getting excited. To jump onto a thread and blast SLR's as dead and then praise Sony cameras suggests a strong need to justity your own purchasing decisions, or for that matter, your own work. 

Mirrorless is definately desirable but Sony's battery life (I own one) sucks.  My nikon (which I also own) lasts for days has more glass and actually takes better photos.  If Nikon makes a mirrorless which I believe is coming soon it will most likely outdo the others.

Well said Mr Mc Kee and Mr. Ditto. I've been using Nikons for over 15 years and will continue to. My D810 has been a work horse in taking photos and and videos, and still going strong. When the D850 hits the streets, I'll be one of the first in line to get one.

Newburgh foto

You sound just like an Apple fan boy talking about how high end cameras are outdated because the iPhone is so good.  I get it, I have a large investment in lenses and my D500 / D800 combo works very well for me.  If the D850 has the low light/high resolution capabilities that are being touted, I'll still be a DSLR user for a long time.  I can't imagine needing anything better (nor spending the money to replace my selection of lenses).

As the owner of both full frame and mirrorless, I think your comment is silly. The mirrorless are great for video, but are not as good for stills. If Nikon was to include 4k at 60fps in the D850, it will sell like there is no tomorrow. The Sony menus are not great and if you try to shoot video you get the wrost shutter roll ever. For stills - sony cannot produce better images that my D810 - no way.

when i see it i will believe it otherwise remember the dl18-50


#RIP in peace DL24-85, DL18-50, DL24-500

Talk in advertising is cheap. As anyone using DSLRs knows the proof is in the performance.  So regardless of what they say we /I will wait and see. I at least hope they have been able to come up with a newer sensor sinct Sony cut them off

Toshiba is making their sensors lol........................which is owned by sony