Phase One Capture One Pro 8: New Improvements for Photo Post Production


Serving as a versatile update to the rich photo editing, raw image processing, and tethering software, Capture One Pro 8 sees a host of improvements designed to enhance file-handling capabilities as well as offering new means for editing and retouching imagery. Repair layers are dedicated cloning and healing layers that offer complete control in regard to the size and shape of retouched areas, and draw from a raw file's content for faithful, realistic results. A new Film Grain tool replicates the look of the way light interacts with silver-halide crystals on film, and updated black-and-white conversion methods offer the opportunity to adjust color channels accurately and mimic split-toning effects when moving from color to monochrome. Additionally, a new series of Local Adjustments can also be applied to imagery for more refined control over luminance noise reduction, color correction, and other detailed enhancements. HDR and Clarity tools have also received a notable boost in performance, with the ability to better control highlights, shadows, and mid-tone contrast.

Reinvigorating the process of handling large libraries of files, a Catalogs system helps keep individual images and collections of photographs organized and searchable, along with the ability to share Catalogs in a multi-user environment for a collaborative workflow. Performance improvements also help expedite the process of importing and exporting imagery within the interface, as well as when handling individual files or during tethered shooting. A new Live View feature permits real-time monitoring of a linked camera or digital back on your computer for easier checking of focus, exposure, and composition and a multi-point focus metering feature gives way to enhanced critical focusing control.

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