PhotoPlus 2013: Specialty Lenses and Filters from Lensbaby, and LEE Filters


Sometimes your favorite lens just won't get you what you need, and that's where Lensbaby and LEE Filters come in handy. Lensbaby produces specialty selective-focus lenses. There is a wide selection of nice optics, like the Edge 80 and Sweet 35, which work perfectly with the Composer. I must say that seeing them in action is pretty cool, but they take some getting used to. It's not every day you have access to these effects, unless you own a Lensbaby.

While not exactly producing optics or lenses, LEE Filters has a reputation they hold with pride. The newest Seven5 system uses a smaller 75mm filter for Micro Four Thirds, with an improved filter mount to decrease vignetting and light leak. If you need a 10-stop ND filter, they make some nice glass. If you need a special effect and glass you can trust, LEE is the way to go.

Editor's Note: This post was written by Shawn Steiner

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