Profoto Adds 3' Octa and 1 x 4' Strip Softboxes to OCF Lineup


Profoto has added two new modifiers for the popular B10 and B10 Plus flashes: the OCF Softbox 3' Octa and OCF Softbox 1 x 4'. Equally suited for studio and location work, the new softboxes share the high performance and rugged durability that have come to be expected from Profoto’s light-shaping tools.

The 3' Octa offers a flexible size and shape that works well for headshots, product and food photography, or any other moderately close subject. Its round shape produces natural catchlights and reflections. The 1 x 4' strip box is excellent for rim-lighting portraits or illuminating curved objects. A stripmask is included to further refine the light path.

Both softboxes will require the OCF Speed Ring to attach to your light. Color-coded rods and fixed diffusers are used to streamline the construction process. Optional 50-degree Softgrids are also available for both softboxes for more precise control over where your light will fall. Finally, a carrying case is included for easy transport and storage.

Will you be adding either of Profoto’s new softboxes to your light-shaping tool kit? Tell us about it in the Comments section, below.