RoboSHOOT Wireless TTL Radio Flash Triggers for Fujifilm are Now in Stock!


Fujifilm X-series shooters can finally embrace the full power of wireless TTL flash, thanks to RoboSHOOT and their lineup of advanced triggers dedicated to the system. Now in stock, these triggers can help photographers create off-camera lighting setups quickly and easily with their TTL-compatible shoe-mounted flash units. Utilizing a reliable 2.4 GHz radio system, users will be able to trigger flashes from up to 60-120' away. And, with the advanced X-20 series triggers, users will even be able to use select Nikon flashes with full i-TTL compatibility.

Starting off with the basic MX-15 / RX-15 Flash Trigger Kit, Fujifilm users will be able to use their X-series flashes off camera quickly and easily, without worry. The triggering system offers full TTL functionality, along with flash exposure lock and a sync speed of up to 1/180 or 1/200 of a second, depending on the camera model. The triggers have a top hot shoe that allows for TTL with a camera-mounted flash, along with remote units. Also, shooters can add more flashes by simply picking up additional RX-15 Receivers, which have hot shoes for sliding in compatible flashes.

Moving up to those requiring advanced capabilities, RoboSHOOT has developed the MX-20 / RX-20 Flash Trigger Kit, which adds revolutionary compatibility with select Nikon speedlights and i-TTL. The X-20 series adds support for four groups, along with flash exposure compensation. The series even works with a mobile app for advanced control over groups, delay/timer settings, high-speed flash configurations, and the use of triggering modules. The MX-20 Trigger itself features a camera port and sensor/trigger port so that users can trigger cameras remotely, as well as set up automatic triggering systems using external sensors. The RX-20 receiver also receives an addition in the form of a PC sync port for working with a variety of other flash and strobe units.