SeaLife micro HD and HD+ Underwater Digital Cameras and Sea Dragon Pro Set


Dive to 200' and get up-close, in-your-face shots of moray eels, parrot fish, and other sea dwellers with the micro HD and micro HD+ Digital Cameras. Wide-angle lenses increase your field of view while letting you stay right where the action is, so you can lose the distortion and capture rich, vibrant creatures and environments. Snatch up the Sea Dragon Pro Set for a complete camera kit, with a customizable support system and a 2000-lumen LED light, providing wide, even coverage with no hot spots.

The shock-resistant micro HD and micro HD+ point-and-shoots are permanently sealed, with no doors or O-rings, making them maintenance free. Each features a 14MP 1/2.3" CMOS sensor and Full HD 1080/30p video recording with sound. Compose the shot just the way you want it before firing away, thanks to the 2.4" LCD monitor. With 16GB of internal memory on the micro HD and twice that on the HD+, you've got ample storage space without ever having to fiddle with SD or CF cards.

The cameras' large, piano-key-like controls enable easy operation with or without diving gloves. Benefit from automatic color correction, time-lapse shooting, and 10-frame-per-second bursts. With the Picture in Video feature, you can even capture still images while recording Full HD video. The micro HD+ provides Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing fast image transfer and remote camera control with iOS and Android smart devices.