Stay Connected with the Tether Tools TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller


So, you’ll be shooting with a big client in the studio today and you’ve organized a viewing station with two monitors for the creative director and client to see the shots as you take them. The camera is tethered to your laptop. You’ve spent all morning setting up lighting, the products and talent are in place, the concept is right, and the design is beautiful. You’re rattling off some nice opening shots but things come grinding to a halt as you hear the “creatives” clamoring—the photos are not appearing on the monitor. Your tethered connection has failed. You start jiggling the cable in the ports, you try the laptop connection and the camera connection, but nothing works. You reboot the computer—twenty minutes gone and you’re still not sure the problem has been solved. Do you hear that whooshing noise? It’s the sound of the steam coming out of your shoot.

Incompatibility between USB 3.0 firmware, as well as computer ports without the needed power to import from cameras via USB 3.0, will cause the signal between computer and camera to be dropped without warning and can even prevent the image stream from ever starting. In addition, when using longer cables, power is diminished and can lead to dropped signals, workflow delays, and major complications for your shoots.

Tether Tools has introduced the Tether Tools TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller, a compact port adapter, to boost and regulate the power from your camera or digital back to the computer. It will enable your system to operate at full USB 3.0 speeds, minimizing the chance of dropped signals. Simply plug the cable from the computer into the USB 3.0 port on the Controller and the camera-specific cable into one of the USB 2.0 ports. 

Tether Tools TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller
Tether Tools TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller

TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller can be used on its own, without external power, with 15' connections—or it can be powered from an AC outlet or external battery for longer distances. Adding a power option, even when tethering shorter distances, will conserve camera battery life. TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller is backward compatible with USB 2.0 connections and will benefit any USB tethered photo shoot by boosting the communication signal and conserving camera battery life. It also features the TrueConnect LED indicator display to confirm the signal flow and a 3.3' (1 meter) USB 3.0 cable is included.

For more information about the Tether Tools TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller, please watch the video immediately below.