The B&H Photography Podcast Leica Photo Challenge


We are excited to announce the B&H Photography Podcast Leica Photo Challenge! The B&H Photography Podcast continues to be one of the most popular photography podcasts available, and Leica continues to be one of the most sought-after camera manufacturers in the world. To thank our loyal listeners, to reach out to new subscribers, and to inspire some safe creativity during these challenging times, we are excited to bring you this incredible photo contest, in which one lucky listener will receive their very own Leica Q2 Digital Camera!

Entry Criteria

  • Contestants can submit ONE photo only through the entry method below, and the photo can be taken with any type of standalone camera (DSLR, Mirrorless, Film, Point-and-shoot, etc.)

  • Tablets and Smartphones are NOT permitted

  • The entry period is May 28, 2020 at 12:00AM EDT - June 21, 2020 at 11:59PM EDT. Entries received outside of this time period will not be considered

  • Entry photos must be taken inside or near the home. Indoors, backyards, and front yards are OK

  • Image should reflect the challenges (or the joys) of the current pandemic-related shutdown and can include a caption, but one is not required.​ Judging will be based upon subject matter, overall composition, creativity, and post-processing. File size and image resolution will not be factored into the judging process. We are not encouraging and will not consider images taken in public spaces.

  • Entrant must be the copyright holder of the image submitted

  • One entry per person

  • Winner is at the sole discretion of the judges

  • See the Official Contest Rules for additional information here

Entry Instructions


Step 1:

Rate and subscribe to the B&H Photography Podcast on Apple Podcasts or any other podcast app!


Step 2:

Follow @LeicaCameraUSA on Twitter and post ONE photo with the hashtag #BHPhotoPodcastLeica

That's it!

The winner will be contacted by the B&H Social Media team via direct message on Twitter and announced on an episode of the B&H Photography Podcast!

Judge Bios:

Craig Semetko

Born and raised near Detroit, Michigan, Craig Semetko's photography focuses on the absurd and the ironic. Commenting in the foreword for Semetko's book, Unposed, photographer Elliott Erwitt writes, "In my book, he is the essential photographer. That is, the one who sees what others could not have seen."

Semetko has published two books, Unposed and India Unposed, and is currently preparing his third, with images from a long-term series on America. He was one of 10 photographers chosen worldwide by Leica Camera to be a part of its "10×10" exhibition, celebrating 100 years of Leica photography. He teaches workshops regularly for the Leica Akademie worldwide, and his photographs have been exhibited extensively and can be found in private collections in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Photograph © Aziz Yazdani

Ashly Stohl

Ashly Stohl is a photographer and the publisher and co-founder of Peanut Press. She is based in Los Angeles and New York. Stohl co-founded Peanut Press, an independent photobook publisher, in 2015, when she published her first book, Charth Vader, and it became a viral sensation. She now lends her experience to fellow photographers, designing and publishing award-winning books through Peanut Press. She has lectured on her photography and bookmaking at institutions including SVA, The Penumbra Foundation, Columbia University, George Washington University, Brigham Young University, and SPE National.

Photograph © Victoria Will

Allan Weitz

Allan Weitz is the host of the B&H Photography Podcast. He is also a senior technical writer on the B&H Explora website. Prior to being placed at B&H under the Federal Witness Protection Program, Weitz was an advertising and editorial photographer whose work has appeared on the covers and inside pages of New York Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Esquire, Money Magazine, Forbes, Yachting Magazine, Boating, Nautical Quarterly, and one of the last special issues of Life magazine.

Photograph © Bobby Sansivero

*No purchase is necessary to enter or win

For the B&H Photography Podcast Leica Q2 Photo Contest Rules, click here.

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Seems like it is reasonable to know the result.  Which photo won?  Any runner-ups?

Yes, very reasonable....  the winners were announced on the 7/8/20 podcast and the winning photo and runner-up were posted on that page as well...  Congrats go to Karles from Barcelona, Spain and and Ajay from Chennai, India....  and thanks go to all who entered.

And the winner goes to...

... thanks for asking, the images are about to (metaphorically speaking) be put in the hands of the three judges. Results soon.  Winner will be contacted first and then announced on a future podcast.  Also...thank you for entering, there were more good entries than even we imagined.

Who is the winner?

Just subscribed and rated the podcast, but my apple id for podcasts is different than my twitter email.... will that matter?
Don't want to be disqualified for not subscribing and rating, when I did in fact take those steps

That's fine.  As long as used the hashtag and we contact you through Twitter, the submission is noted.  Thank you.

Oh, and what kind of adjustments/edits are acceptable? Thanks!

Must the photograph have been taken within a certain period? Or can it be earlier work, as long as it communicates the theme?

Is your submission through the post of it on Twitter or how do your officially submit your image?  Thanks 

Are you able to use a digital cinema camera (Canon C300) and simply pull a frame from the image to qualify? 

Brian T. wrote:

Are you able to use a digital cinema camera (Canon C300) and simply pull a frame from the image to qualify? 


No. Frame grabs and screenshots are not permitted.  Only still photographs taken will a standalone camera. Thank you for your question 

Copy that. Thank you. DSLR it is! 

Can you explain how you plan to ensure judges will be able to consider the entries with impartiality and inclusivity since they are all white? Also, can you share your process for selecting judges for competitions?

Hi Albert,

I want to thank you, and everyone else here, who has taken the time to ask these questions. They are hard questions and, honestly, there is no satisfactory answer. We have begun having conversations about hard topics lately and what we can do to address it. It's going to be difficult. It's going to take longer than anyone wants, and in the meantime we are taking a much deeper look at processes such as this which don't have a standard procedure. Please know that we are talking about how we can do better in the future and we ask that you bear with us.

I'm happy to bear with you, but I also hope all systems will be reviewed to address this concern.

Is it open for residents in Canada (or is it for USA residents only)? 

The contest is open to Canada, and wherever B&H ships. Please be advised that some costs of shipping internationally may not be covered by B&H. Please see our shipping policy:

Why are all the judges white?

This inherently will allow for bias on what is culturally "subject matter" and "creativity". 

That is an excellent question, and one that we will certainly consider more carefully in future contests. As for this contest, we trust that our judges will be able to consider the entry photos with impartiality and inclusivity. But, please be assured that we take this matter very seriously, and that even if we sometimes fall short, we always aim to be as inclusive as possible. Thank you for this comment, feedback like this helps us improve, and we hope you enter the contest.

Sorry, would love to enter but I have no interest in setting up a twitter account.  Is this contest sponsored by twitter?  

Thanks for your comment. We are using Twitter simply as the method of entry, and so the entries can be seen by all in public. Twitter is not a sponsor.  It's a B&H contest and it is sponsored by Leica only.

Ditto, would have loved to enter but I will never sign up for Twitter, no thanks!

Thanks for your comment. We are using Twitter simply as the method of entry, and so the entries can be seen publicly. We appreciate your feedback and will take this into consideration for future contests. 

I will NEVER use Twitter.  This "platform" has NO redeeming social qualities and is filled with users that spread disinformation, outright LIES, and hate.  B&H: you can do far better than support this worthless app.  Suggest you use Instagram, at least it's a bit more photographic oriented. 

Thanks for your comment. We are using Twitter simply as the method of entry, and so the entries can be seen by all in public. We did consider Instagram for this contest, but logistical reasons that are too long to go into here made that impossible.  

Instagram is owned and controlled by Facebook which, in my opinion, is worse than Twitter. While you're busy registering with Instagram, Facebook is busy scraping your computer files. It's pretty clear that potential submitters dislike using any "controlled" platform. Since Leica are sponsoring, why not host at Leica Fotographie International? 

Why Twitter only? I do not wish to have a Twitter account and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Thanks for your comment. We are using Twitter because we wanted a public forum for the entry photos. It's free to create an account.