Torrey Pines Logic Thermal Imagers and Scope Mounts


Torrey Pines Logic approaches thermal imaging with the idea that great things should come in small packages. By integrating the latest-generation miniature thermal cores, TPL imagers are among the smallest in the industry. Unlike typical intensifier-based NVDs, they exploit subtle differences in temperature to “see” in areas of poor visibility, such as dense brush, smoke, or fog, in daylight or darkness. Their diminutive size allows them to be stored, carried, and accessed easily and quickly without weighing you down. 

In addition to its family of thermal imagers, Torrey Pines Logic offers a line of accessories to make your GoPro cameras more versatile. Featuring a wide variety of lenses, these designs make your action camera more useful in a multitude of new tasks. Up to twenty-times magnification brings objects that were almost invisible before right to the foreground. Choose from a wide variety of lenses using the C mount adapter; your only limitation is the size of your lens collection. Check out the riflescope GoPro attachment that permits you to record live action on your next outdoor adventure!

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