Unveiled: Canon Introduces the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 17" Inkjet Photo Printer



Upping the versatility of the Canon's lineup of professional-grade photo printers, the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 is a 17-inch-wide inkjet printer, and takes its place as the widest-format model within this series. Characterized by an 11-color ink set, this printer is capable of delivering true and faithful colors with an exceptionally broad dynamic range. A redeveloped print head offers a maximum print resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi and a nozzle configuration of 1,536 nozzles per channel produces finely detailed prints with nuanced details and smooth color gradations.

Akin to other photo inkjet models, this new model utilizes Canon's Full-Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering, or FINE technology, to output 4pl droplets using a tubular ink delivery system that is both efficient and more resistant to clogging for consistent use. Of the 11 colors, four are monochromatic inks that can be used to produce rich blacks and regulate the values of other colors for more balanced hues, deeper shadows, and tonally accurate black-and-white prints. Beyond the 11 distinct colors, Chroma Optimizer is also part of the LUCIA PRO 12-cartridge pigment ink set that comes standard, and regulates the ink-droplet height for an even brilliance across the print surface for reduced metamerism.

In terms of use, the PRO-1000 supports wireless printing technologies, such as AirPrint, PIXMA Cloud Link, and Wireless PictBridge, as well as standard USB 2.0 and Ethernet connections. Print sizes up to 17 x 22" can be produced in just over 4 minutes, and the rear manual feed slot allows you to use media between 0.1 and 0.7mm thick. Additionally, both the rear tray and manual feed slot permit printing on sheets as long as 23.4", while the rear tray allows working with media as short as 5", and the manual feed can handle media as short as 10".

In addition to the printer itself, the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 comes with a new set of inks—Blue, Cyan, Gray, Magenta, Matte Black, Photo Black, Photo Cyan, Photo Gray, Photo Magenta, Red, Yellow, and Chroma Optimizer—each of which comes in an 80ml cartridge. Additionally, the MC-20 Maintenance Cartridge is also supplied.



I just bought this Pro-1000 printer from B&H and I thought the printer would at least come with a set fo Full Ink Cartridges. The Suppy Level indicator on the LCD panel and the computer's information panel show half full. Any comment on why this is?

The Canon Pro 1000 does come with a full set of 80mL ink tanks. After installing the print head, the ink tanks and completing the set up cycle, which primes the system (this includes filing the print head up with the inks), you will have used up at least half of the ink capacity. The gray scale monochrome inks will probably have even less than 50% capacity remaining. The remaining ink will be enough to print out a few prints (“few” meaning not much more than a few A3 profiling targets) before you receive the first low ink warning. This is why I always recommend purchasing a complete set of inks along with these large format (17 inches and wider) photographic/fine art inkjet printers. Especially if you are going to be printing a decent amount of images right out-of-the-box.

They made the max paper length 23.4", which seems like they intentionally wanted to prohibit making standard 16x24 prints.  Anybody know why they did that? 


Unfortunately, we wouldn't know the reasoning behind what features the Canon engineer included in the printer. 

This is what I hate about Canon, there is a lot to like, but these nit picking marketing descisions blow me away.