Unveiled: Create a Swirl of Bokeh with the Lensbaby Twist 60


Designed for the portrait and still-life photographer or the enthusiast who enjoys experimentation, Lensbaby’s Twist 60 gives photographers the ability to separate subjects from the background by creating a smooth, swirled blur effect around the edges of the image. The full-frame-compatible lens will be available in two versions, as a stand-alone lens for Canon EF, Nikon F, and Sony E mounts, as well as a Twist 60 Optic that is compatible with Lensbaby’s Optic Swap System, including the Composer Pro II.

This 60mm lens has fully manual operation, including a built-in aperture ring with a range from f/2.5 to f/22 and a focusing ring that allows photographers to focus as close as 18". When shooting at a wider aperture, the Twist 60’s swirled effect places more emphasis on the centered subject in full focus while still maintaining a subtle swirl around the edges. Furthermore, four multi-coated glass elements in three groups work in tandem with its internal 12-blade diaphragm to produce smooth out-of-focus areas. The 60mm focal length also contributes to the look of the images by providing a slightly longer than normal perspective, great for creating shallow depth of field while being slightly more flattering for your subjects. Flowers will pop out of a garden, fast-moving pets can be separated from the background, and portraits will easily stand out from standard environmental or studio shots.

The Twist 60 Optic is compatible with the Optic Swap System, enabling existing Lensbaby shooters to add it easily to their bags. When using the Twist 60 in a tilting lens body, it is advised to keep the lens pointed straight ahead for the best results. For further enhancement of images, photographers can take advantage of the 46mm front threads for mounting filters on the lens. Enjoy expanding your shooting capabilities with the Twist 60!