Unveiled: Profoto Expands OCF System with Collapsible Beauty Dish + Filter Kits


Profoto has just made available the latest additions to the widening array of light shapers bound for use with the OCF (Off Camera Flash) System: two collapsible 2-foot OCF Beauty Dishes, one silver and one white, as well as a variety of OCF Filter Kits for the B1 and B2.

In keeping with the B1 and B2’s reduced size and portable design, the OCF Beauty Dishes are collapsible and lightweight, and easily mount on the lights using the OCF Speedring. To achieve their signature look, light bounces off an inner deflector and is directed outward toward the edges of the 2-foot-wide dish for that soft but crisp quality of light so popular with portrait and fashion photographers. There are two versions available to guarantee you can get the look you want, with the silver dish providing more contrast than the soft white dish. And when you are finished, just fold the fabric dish like an umbrella and tuck it into the included carrying bag—no heavy case, no dents, and no hassle.

Three filter kits will be offered for maximum control over the color of your light. The Starter Kit has all the tools needed to use gels on your light, including the Grid/Gel Holder, two gel attachment pieces, and a wallet. This kit also bundles in ten filters, such as CTOs, a CTB, Plus Green, lavender, blue, and yellow for either color correction or special effects. A standard setup weighs just 2.3 ounces. The Color Correction Kit contains twenty grades of CTB, CTO, and Plus Green filters for balancing your light in different environments. The third OCF filter kit is a set of twenty Color Effects Gels—colors like Rose Pink, Deep Straw, Scarlet, Magenta, and more that will add creative color to your compositions.